Your Australian Excel Expert is here.

Poppy Jay | Australian Virtual Assistant

Are you frustrated by formulas? Do you have data, but don’t know how to know what to do with it? Let me be your Excel oracle and free up your time to do your best business-y things, while I problem-solve and optimise your existing Excel issues.

You see, Excel is my happy place. It makes my heart sing.

Data analysis is the backbone of every successful business. And with my expertise in Excel, I can transform your raw data into actionable insights. I will help you extract meaningful information and identify trends, patterns, and anomalies in your data. Whether you need to analyze sales figures, track inventory, or evaluate marketing campaigns, I have the skills to deliver accurate and comprehensive reports, ensuring you can make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Got problems?

I love problems! My extensive experience and technical knowledge means that I can quickly analyse your excel spreadsheets and find the best solutions for you. I will fix your formulas, VBA coding, conditional formatting and clean your data.

Got data?

Do you have sales data? Or customer data? Or financial data? Let me make you a beautiful dashboard. I will bring your ideas and dataset to life, providing valuable and actionable insights for your business.

Need a template?

I can make your life easier by creating the perfect template for your business. A template using formulas, conditional formatting and data validation techniques can greatly improve your workflows.

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