Poppy Jay | Australian Virtual Assistant

Hi, I’m Jay and I live in Darwin with my two rescue dogs Cookie and Fudge. Cookie is my best girl and Fudge is my bravest boy. They are my two beating hearts.

I created this business because COVID showed us that Admin doesn’t need to happen at “The Office”. And Administrators don’t have to work between any pre-set timeframes. I felt a deep disconnection with the 9 – 5 paradigm. This daily practice of getting in the car, driving to a place for a set number of hours to do a specific set of tasks, and then drive home again……. no thanks! I no longer want to be a part of this. I want the freedom to choose where I work, how I work and why I work. I also want the freedom to cuddle my dogs anytime.

I’m a virtual admin obsessed with providing exceptional service and getting to know my clients—understanding their intricacies and needs—to deliver affordable, customised solutions.

Apart from rescuing all the dogs, I have three missions:

1 – To be the Excel oracle—the go-to expert for your business when you are tying yourself in knots with formulas, formatting and automating your spreadsheets! 

2 – To be the automations expert for your business. Lets throw away the pens and paper forever. It is possible to be completely paperless. Let me take you from frustration to automation.

3 – To support you, you fabulous person, so you can achieve your professional goals and do all the things that are important to you, while I take care of the Admin.

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